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Frequently Asked Question

What is cost of my interstate moving and furniture moving?It completely depends on the size of your furniture and the distance of the place where you want to move. At OzwideMovers in Brisbane, our agent will first visit your current home location and then check out and calculate the entire cost of moving depending on your overall relocation requirements. For more, you can ping us anytime and send us a free quote.
What is the total time it will take to complete the move?It will again rely on the size of your furniture, belongings, home stuff, and the total distance covered from one place to the final destination. If it’s long-distance then it may take 1 to 3 days and may extend days a little longer. To clarify your doubts, reach out now.
What type of packing services do you offer?We can provide you with numerous types of packing services based on your moving need which include complete-packing, fragile or delicate packing, and owner-packed. With complete patience and effectiveness, we pack all your movables carefully which helps you in saving time and effort. For peace of mind, hire us today for your packing needs.
Please, explain about insurance of the things!Yes, sure! At OzwideMovers, we promise to provide you the security of all your moving goods with authentic moving insurance that covers the entire damage and risks of the physical loss. Rest, our insurance agent will brief you on everything related to insurance.
When should I raise a quote?We are completely aware of the fact that whether it is house moving, office moving or furniture moving, every move can be very stressful. So, in that case, we at OzwideMovers can help you provide stress-free and tension-free moves. So, if you plan your move near future or anytime this year, call us or visit us and fill out an online form to leave a request for your moving need.
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